Salesforce Partner

Things to consider when choosing a Salesforce Partner Recommended Salesforce Partners: PwC is one of the top Salesforce Partners in the UK and is highly recommended in the industry. For more information have a look at their website in the link above and get in touch with one of their partners in the Salesforce practice

Salesforce Training

There are many free and paid training options to learn Salesforce to help you to become a Salesforce consultant Here are some resources that can help you develop your knowledge and skills Trailhead Certification days  Salesforce Pathfinder Udemy Focus on force

Salesforce Partner UK

When it comes to implementing Salesforce, choosing a Salesforce partner is essential to help you maximise your investment to realise the benefits in your business case. Things to consider when choosing a Salesforce Partner Implementation cost Reputation / Track record Number of years as a Salesforce Partner Rating / recommendation from Salesforce Their Salesforce consultants … Read more

Salesforce certifications

Salesforce Administrator Certifications Administrator Advanced administrator Business Analyst CPQ Specialist Marketing Cloud Administrator Platform App Builder Salesforce Architect Certifications Application Architect B2B Solution Architect B2C Solution Architect B2C Commerce Architect Heroic Architect System Architect Technical Architect Salesforce Developer Certifications B2C Commerce Developer Industries CPQ Developer Javascript Developer 1 Marketing Cloud Developer Omniscript Developer Platform App … Read more